How to buy a house for finance?

In the first three months, properties were sold by the Finance Ministry, according to statistics published in the Finance Portal, updated in March. If you want to invest in real estate or are in the market looking for a home to live in, Finance auctions may be an option, since it is possible to buy real estate with 40% discounts on market prices, according to Proteste Investe . Learn how to buy property pledged by the Tax Authority. Read the article Eight steps to buy house


Three types of sale of real estate auctioned

Three types of sale of real estate auctioned

There are three modalities to make the purchase: through electronic auction, proposal in closed letter and private negotiation. The sale is preferably made through an electronic auction or, in its impossibility, through closed proposals, in accordance with article 248 of the Code of Procedure and Tax Procedure.

The sale by electronic auction takes place for 15 days and is valued at 70% of the value of the property tax (VPT) of the property. If there are no tenders, the tender procedure is closed and the base value is reduced to 50% of the VPT. Again, if no proposals are submitted, a new electronic auction will open, which will run for 15 days. It may also happen that the Treasury determines the sale through another modality, such as the private sale, this time without base value. Check here the finance properties that are available for auction.


1. Electronic auction

1. Electronic auction

The electronic auction is carried out in the Finance Portal, in the option “electronic sale of goods”, in the “electronic auction” functionality. To bid, you will need to authenticate with taxpayer number and password. The day and the opening and closing times of the electronic auction are set by the Finances and proposals must be submitted by the designated day and time. Only proposals of value equal to or greater than the base value of the sale are accepted, and then the higher value proposition is chosen.

In each sale the information of the base value and the value of the highest bid is shown. Once submitted, tenders may not be withdrawn. On the day and time designated for the auction, the tax enforcement agency decides on the adjudication of the assets. The result of the electronic auction is made available on the Finance Portal to all bidders after authentication.


2. Proposal in closed letter

Proposal in closed letter

The proposal may be sent by enclosed letter by electronic transmission of data or by hand in Finance. If you wish to opt for the online path, you must register with the Finance Portal and access the “Electronic Sale Paid Goods”. Select, in the advertisement, the detail of the property and select “deliver proposal”. You must enter the tax identification number and password to access the TA portal, indicate the value of the proposal and click on “submit proposal”. If the proposal is lower than the basic value of the goods for sale (article 250 of the CPPT), it will not be submitted. If confirmed, the tender is considered to have been delivered and the system issues a supporting receipt.

The proposal in a sealed letter is encrypted and its existence or content can not be known until the opening of proposals. All proposals submitted will be opened together and simultaneously with those delivered on paper. Once they have been opened, the procedure (including the award) can be consulted on the TA website for a period of 30 days by the proposers who have submitted proposals via the internet.

If you decide to present the proposal in the Finance department, you must present it in a closed letter. In the envelope must be the sales number. The Finance Department registers the proposals in the computer system and hands the receipt to the submitter. At the time of opening of tenders, the finance department responsible for the sale inserts the content into the system, validating or rejecting them, according to whether or not they comply with the legal requirements. Then, the computer system provides the Finance department with the content of the proposals delivered through the Internet.


3. Private negotiation

Private negotiation

In the case of real estate, the sale through other means, other than the electronic auction or the closed letter, only takes place if: on the day designated for the opening of tenders, closed sale, has no bidders or only proposals for value below the base value; Or if it is determined by the top manager of the service.

If there is urgency in the sale of goods or these are of value no more than 40 units of account (4,080 euros), the enforcement body can determine the sale by private negotiation. In the case of a private negotiated sale, the name or signature of the executor, the body responsible for the proceedings, the summary identification of the property, the place, the period and the time at which it can be examined, are publicized on the Internet. base value of the sale and the name or business name of the dealer.

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