Useful Gifts for Your Finances

Traditionally, the gifts exchanged on Christmas Eve are a surprise. However, there are gifts that although not surprising, can be very useful for the future. If you are fed up with offering the same gifts and want to offer lasting well-being instead of momentary joy, the gifts that Deirdre lists below may be more than original, an authentic display of affection. And why are these gifts no surprise? Because they need the data and the signature of the person who will receive them, because they will be in the name of the recipient of the offer.

Opt for same original gifts this year

Child savings account

savings account

Anyone who has children or nephews until the age of 15 has the possibility to open a current account on their behalf. The main purpose of such an account is to safeguard the future of the child in financial terms, with values ​​that may be useful for any university studies or other expenses. This account can be used to teach the child to save from an early age and to use the money entrusted to him in order to get the most out of it. This term account pays interest on the amount deposited and can be handled by the parents. There are no maintenance costs for most banks.

Young savings account

Young savings account

This type of account is ideal for a young person between the ages of 12 and 15, age that varies depending on the bank. This current account has as main advantages the low opening value and the possibility of making reinforcements, so that the savings increase. It pays interest on the amount deposited, and can be used to better manage the weekly or allowance, allowing the children to collect money to buy something higher than the allowance. There are no commissions, with account withdrawals and transfers being limited to the minimum account subscription amount.

Young account


This checking account can be opened to a young person aged between 12 and 15 depending on the bank. It brings as main advantages the low opening value and the offer of the debit card annuity. Another benefit is the non-charging of account management commission, unlike most traditional checking accounts. The main purpose of such an account is to enable young people to manage the money they have available and make some payments for purchases or mobile phone shipments.

Plans Savings Reform

Plans Savings Reform

The Retirement Savings Plans (PPR) are a gift to be taken into consideration for adults. Although the money invested in the product is only available for retirement, it can be an important source of extra income at that time, especially important due to the changes in Social Security and the forecasts that in the short term the pension received will be much lower to the last salary received. The PPR market is quite broad, being marketed by banks or insurers. The investor should always carefully analyze the product he intends to subscribe and his yields up to the date of acquisition (not forgetting that past returns do not guarantee future yields). PPRs also have associated tax benefits, a benefit that will decrease in 2011.

Certificates of Savings and Treasury

Certificates of Savings and Treasury

Savings certificates and treasury certificates are products issued by the Portuguese State. They are designed to foster savings and are one of the sources of state funding. Unlike the products described above, the certificates have no definite purpose, having as main goal to achieve an extra income of the money saved. The maximum investment period for these products is ten years, and it must be taken into account because it is at the end of this period that the best interest payment is presented. To buy this “gift”, the CTT stations are the place of commercialization, but the Institute of Management of the Treasury and the Public Credit (IGCP), issuer, also sells them.

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